Scholarship Seat Filled – Hekate's Finishing School

For a Limited Time



We'll Let You Know If Another Seat Opens Up Before Open Enrollment

As we're getting HFS ready for our Open Enrollment,

we offer students on the waitlist an opportunity to enroll early when seats become available.

As you may know, every monthly contribution directly impacts the number of scholarships we're able to support.

When we have Scholarship seats open up because a student has upgraded to Full Access,

we reach out privately to those on our waitlist to offer those scholarship seats to the next waiting in line.

Help us support the scholarship program - make a contribution when and if you are able in the future.

Support students like you in the future - we can make magic happen, together.

We would love for you to join us!

And we'll see you inside!

*Early Enrollment is only available when a number of Scholarship seats are open. Once the seats are filled, early enrollment will be closed.

If the Join link still works, there is a seat available - enroll quickly!

We've got so many amazing classes for you to dive into to help you see more results in your practice

and a community of over 1,000 witches to support you along in your path.

"I have floundered for years over how to accomplish such a large task. I feel like I can confidently begin now. Thank you"

Shelley S Founding Witch

"I have been waiting for classes like this. 30 yrs of practice yet you never stop learning."

Velda S  - Founding Witch

"Thanks to you and this school becoming/being a practicing witch isn't such a struggle anymore. I know I have said this before but every lesson teaches me so much."

Kristina P. - Founding Witch

These are real testimonials. We have used stock photos for the privacy of our students.

Early Bird Prices

Witches looking to support the school financially and/or that intend to enroll in our Full Access are encouraged to support the school early on. With early supporter prices - the sooner you show your support, the more you save. 

Early supporters will not have their monthly contribution increased, even if the monthly contribution increases in the future.

Cancel any time for any reason.

Full Access - Unlock Classes & Class Hopping

Scholarship students are given a scheduled path through the HFS online class materials. 

Each class is released slowly to give students time to properly absorb and practice the information. 

Each lesson must be completed before the next lesson can be unlocked, and only one class is accessed at a time.

This is strictly for Scholarship students, of which we have a large number of witches enjoying this program at no financial expense.

As one class is unlocked at a time from the entire school, this might be frustrating to some witches that are more experienced, more advanced, or simply have specific topics they would like to learn about.

Full Access means immediate access to the entire HFS school, as well as any past guest or featured expert classes. 

Ability to skip any lesson and any class, without any requirements for previous lessons or classes being completed.

Full Access also includes early access to upcoming featured expert classes, live Q&A sessions when available, and additional perks such as digital downloadables, etc. where available.

We give our Full Access students every possible consideration and benefit, for being the witches that make HFS online possible.

Community Access

Community Access is free for all students, Full membership and scholarship alike. We have a variety of community options.

Participation is encouraged but completely optional.

Facebook Group Access:

With an open-to-all approach, you can request access to the Facebook group if Facebook is your social network of choice. Please see the group itself for information on privacy of that group, which may be more open and is subject to change depending on Facebook and the needs of the community.

Private Community Access:

HFS does have a private social network that is only available for enrolled students, separate from the student portal. 

The community area features the ability for students to have their own profiles, discuss a variety of topics, create / join groups of other students, and a variety of other common social aspects. This is very much a social area of the HFS community, separate from class discussions. 

This is a great community area for witches that are worried about privacy or that are in the broom closet. 

Transferable Membership

Founding Witches have membership for the life of HFS, not just the life of the Founding Witch.

A Founding Witch can transfer membership while living, but the membership cannot be shared.

Once a membership is transferred, it cannot be revoked.

Full Access and Scholarships cannot be transferred or shared. It's not fair to students waiting in line and we want to be fair to all.

Any Memberships that are shared or sold will be terminated without refund, including Lifetime Founding Witch Membership.

Upgrade Options

Enrollment of any kind is not affected by upgrades or cancellations.

If you choose to start with our Scholarship program and later are able to support HFS through a contribution, we encourage you to make a contribution knowing that if your situation changes, you can return to the scholarship program.

If you start with our Full Access enrollment and your situation changes, you are still able to enroll in the scholarship program.

The only restrictions on enrollment is based on when enrollment is open. You can cancel enrollment at any time but re-enrolling or switching programs is limited to open enrollment.

Open enrollment helps us keep a clear picture of how many scholarship seats we are able to support in a given semester.