Frequently Asked Questions

Full Scholarship

No-cost online education. No credit card, No fees, No application. 

Some restrictions apply. 




  • 24/7 Online & Self-Paced
  • Coven Community Access
  • No fees, tuition, or dues.
  • One Class per Semester
  • No age restrictions
hfs full membership

Full access to all HFS online classes.




  • All Classes Unlocked
  • Priority Seat Reservation
  • Coven Community Access
  • Printables included
  • New Class Early Access

Payment Options

One-time  Lifetime Membership Option

Payment Plan for  Lifetime Membership

Monthly Tuition

How long will Lifetime Membership be available for purchase?

What does  'No Fees, tuition, or dues' mean?

What does  'Printables Included' mean?

Refund Policy

What is the Refund Policy for Lifetime Memberships?

What is the Refund Policy for Full Membership monthly tuition?

How to win Lifetime Membership?

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